Unlock the Keys to Communication

These short videos give you tips and suggestions on how to help your child in various areas of speech and language development.

The videos will give you insight into what to think about, how to go about addressing breakdowns in speech and language, and ways to incorporate the ideas into your everyday life.

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“I believe in having fun and “playing” with kids while they learn. My hope is that I make therapy seem like fun and they don’t realize they are really “working.” At the same time, I find that I take a structured approach and guide the therapy sessions in such a way to reach the goals I am wanting to achieve. Yet, if a child wants to share a story or tell me about a new game he/she got, I’m all about working “that” into the session. I want to make therapy reflect real life and what they are interested in so that it’s not about worksheets and specifically drilling a certain sound, but working on words they say and using topics they are interested in.”

– Robyn Drothler